Square is the new round.

Because being special deserves something special. The ideal Square cut by Victor Diamonds™

Digging snow has never been so rewarding.

Our love and respect for Ontario and its inhabitants led to the Mine of the Year award. Buy local, buy Victor Diamonds™

Ontario is home to one of the highest quality producing diamond mines in the world. These diamonds are highly sought-after because of their natural beauty and their provenance.

Victor diamonds have exceptional colour, clarity, and are polished to the highest cut standards.

The Victor mine adheres to the highest environmental standards. It is a model for best-practices and was voted "mine of the year" in 2009 for its achievement.

Victor diamonds are rare.

Their quality represents less than one
tenth of 1% of all mined diamonds.

"Pink-colour diamonds are rare, and especially in Canada. I am thrilled, on behalf of the Ontario government, to represent this 2.75 pink diamond as the first pink diamond from the De Beers Victor Mine, cut and polished in Ontario."

Michael Gravelle, Minister of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry

52°49’15” Latitude 52°49’15” Longitude

Located on the pristine wetlands in Northern Ontario, the De Beers Canada Victor mine sits in the James Bay Lo lands. The Victor Diamond mine has complete bio-diversity plans for animals, plants, education and the environment as well as a Full Impact Benefit Agreement with the Aboriginal First Nations tribes.


"To be able to hold these diamonds in your hand, as pure as a dewdrop and to know that it came from your home land, is incredibly inspiring"

Each diamond is certified to be mined, cut and polished in Ontario and has a unique identification number laser-inscribed on the girdle of the diamond.

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